Cooked Nearby - Coming to California: Order Home Cooked Meals the Way You Order From Dominos.

Coming to California: Order Home Cooked Meals the Way You Order From Dominos.

Posted by Avan Sardar UPDATED May 10, 2019

The Vision

Cooked Nearby's vision is simple. Changing the way we eat in! Cooked Nearby's ultimate goal is allow home cooked meals to be ordered the way we order pizza. I think it's time. Don't you think? It's time we gather around the dinner table once again, eat better and at the same time help struggling folks make ends meet through something that they enjoy and from the convenience of their home. It's a win, win, win and partial loss for traditional restaurants :( This vision has moved closer to reality with a new California law.

New California Law

The new law in California (assembly bill no. 626) went into effect that allows home cooked meals to be legally sold on sites like Cooked Nearby. Yeah, awesome! However there are a few restrictions. You are limited to selling 30 meals a day, 60 meals a week with maximum gross annual revenues of $50,000. Furthermore, you cannot use 3rd party delivery services like uber eats. Additionally, the law still needs to be adopted by local cities and counties.

Love Cooking?

Once your county (not country) adopts the new law, nothing will stand in your way of ordering mean dishes from nearby home kitchens. Or maybe you know how to cook and would like to make a little bit of extra cash. In that case you will be able to share your delicious dishes with people near you. How awesome is that? You will genuinely be able to do something you love from home at your convenience! And you never know, maybe you'll make enough money to finally stop having to drive for Uber.

Join Early

Join early, be one of the firsts. Sign up as a cook (free obviously) on Cooked Nearby or any other food intermediary for that matter. has more information on other food intermediaries. If you do not want to sign up as a cook but would like to stay in the loop you can sign up for the Cooked Nearby's newsletter. There should be a sign up box below.

Be Smart and Prepare

If you are considering becoming a home cook, I suggest you take high quality images of all the meals you cook. Furthermore I would spend a little bit of time thinking about unique and creative dishes.

More Info

If you would like to know about the legislative aspect of this you can visit

Who Else is Interested?

Do you know someone that lives in California that would like to hear about ordering home cooked meals? If so please share.

Happy Cooking!