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Payments, Refunds and Payouts

Paying for an Order

Customers can pay with major credit/debit cards.

Requesting a Refund

In the rare occasion when you are completley disatisfied with an order you can request a full refund. Send us message including your phone number and let us know why you were not satisfied. We will get back to you and/or process your refund within 24 hours.

Payouts for Cooks

Be aware that there is a 24 hour hold on all payouts. The 24 hour period starts from the time the customer has picked up or received the order. This is just in case the customer is not satisfied and requests a refund.* You can request a payout any time after the 24 hour hold period. You have two options for a payout:

  • Paypal (faster option)
  • A check in the mail.
To request a payout simply fill out and submit a payout form on the site.

* To avoid refunds it is importance that you deliver or have your orders ready on time and that meals are kept fresh and warm.